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Frequently Asked Construction Questions Phoenix F.A.Q.’s

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Q: What are rolling racks for?

A: Rolling racks are very helpful for transporting and stocking merchandise, and for seasonal and clearance displays. They also play a pivotal role in selling merchandise that either needs to be moved around in the show room or moved from the backroom when needed. Many of our customers feel the versatility of the rolling racks helps them display their merchandise in effective ways.

Q: How much slatwall/gridwall do I need for my store?
A: That depends on the layout & preference of the store. Give us a call and our Customer Service Team would be delighted to help you.

Q: Which type of hangers should I use for heavy coats?
Consider the actual weight of the garment. You might use a standard plastic version for lighter weight fabrics. For heavy winter coats, wood or heavy duty plastic would be best.

Q: Do you make custom designed fixtures?
Yes we do! Just give us your ideas and our dedicated designers will bring it to life. Once the design and price are approved we can build the pieces.

Q: Do you buy or sell used fixtures?
No. We’d like to, but it is very difficult to get the quantities and quality of the exact fixtures customers need.

Q: How much weight can a slatwall shelf or basket hold?
A:It varies depending on the type. Most will hold up to 25 pounds, others more. If you need to support more than 25 pounds feel free to call our Customer Service Team, they will happy to help you.

Q: How much weight can a wire grid shelf or a grid basket hold?
A:It varies depending on the type. Most will hold up to 25 pounds, others more. If you need to support more than 25 pounds feel free to call our Customer Service Team, they will happy to help you.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?
A:We guarantee your product satisfaction for 30 days from the date it was shipped. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within this 30-day time frame, contact us and our Customer Service team will work with you.

Q: What does it mean when a product is “In Stock”?
A: “In Stock” items are currently in our warehouse and ready to ship.

Q: If we have our own custom plan, can CK Retail Fixtures build it?
A:Yes, CK RETAIL FIXTURES’s estimating department has many years of experience in estimating the cost of commercial projects.

Q: Will we have a professional help when it comes to choosing items such as cabinets, lighting, tile, paint colors, and carpet?
A:Yes, CK RETAIL FIXTURES has very talented color coordinators who will assist you in going over the floor plan room by room, helping you to put together a facility that will reflect your desired professional presentation and needs.

Q: What if we need to make a change or want to upgrade something in our project after the contract has been signed?
A:CK RETAIL FIXTURES is happy to provide a Change Order when requested by our valued customers. There may be costs associated with your Change Order depending on what your request entails and what stage your new facility is at in the building process.

Q: Do we see the plans before CK RETAIL FIXTURES start building our project?
A:Yes, you will meet with a CK RETAIL FIXTURES customer service representative, the draftsperson who drew your plans, and your sales consultant for a customer plan review.

Q:Who acquires the various permits for our new building and keeps track of government requirements needed during the building process?
A: CK RETAIL FIXTURES is very experienced at walking through the permitting process, and we stay in constant communication with the appropriate government departments concerning codes and building requirements. CK RETAIL FIXTURES will also keep you informed of any changes that need to be made based upon government codes and requirements.

Q: Will someone meet us at our property, to evaluate it, before construction?
A: Yes, a CK RETAIL FIXTURES representative will meet you at your job site to discuss laying out the building and answer any questions.

Q: What kind of warranty can we expect with a CK Retail Fixtures facility?
A: CK RETAIL FIXTURES stands behind our work with a 10-year structural warranty and a dedicated in-house warranty department ready to care for your new facility for the first year after completion.